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266 – Take this sucka down!

266 – Take this sucka down! published on 3 Comments on 266 – Take this sucka down!

This page ends the chapter! Thanks for reading Danger Vision up to this point. I’m really excited about these final two chapters before we start the next storyline. I just need to figure a couple of things out and outline a little bit to get my bases covered for the ending. Remember, this is an improved comic. I don’t have anything written and don’t really write any story elements until maybe a week or two until you read a page. I just want to make sure I wrap certain things up while setting up for other things. Anywho, I’m taking a couple of weeks off of the comic to figure that stuff out and play some splatoon. I’ll still be doing the draw everyday challenge which you can keep up with on my Twitter or Tumblr.

Thanks again for reading. You guys are awesome!







251 – brb

251 – brb published on 5 Comments on 251 – brb

Today is 3/3 aka SWITCHmas. My Nintendo Switch should arrive in the mail today along with Zelda. The past few weeks Iv’e been so deep in hype mode that I haven’t been able to focus too much on anything. It’s resulted in no updates to the youtube channel and the last few uninteresting comic pages.

I’m going to take a week or two off of everything so I can fully immerse myself in this game and get it all out of my system. I have nothing written or planned for the upcoming segment in the comic anyway, so taking some time to play zelda might give me some inspiration or at least a little bit of time to think it out a bit.

Thanks for reading this far into the comic btw. It really amazes me sometimes that you guys look forward to these updates. I know I say it a lot, but I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m making this comic and I really don’t deserve you guys!

See you in a couple of weeks and we’ll get started on the final segment of Super Death Face! It would be cool if I could wrap it up this year so I can start thinking about Nightmare Disaster.

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