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We have a Discord server

We have a Discord server published on No Comments on We have a Discord server

Iv’e given up skype and started using discord today. Along with that, I started a Discord server for Danger Vision. Come in and chat me up if you want. There’s also a separate channel where I post stuff I’m working on for the comic. If you’re not into spoilers, then just stay in the #main chat channel. Click the image below to join the server.

If it doesn’t seem like I’m active, just mention @brandon

and it should get my attention.

251 – brb

251 – brb published on 5 Comments on 251 – brb

Today is 3/3 aka SWITCHmas. My Nintendo Switch should arrive in the mail today along with Zelda. The past few weeks Iv’e been so deep in hype mode that I haven’t been able to focus too much on anything. It’s resulted in no updates to the youtube channel and the last few uninteresting comic pages.

I’m going to take a week or two off of everything so I can fully immerse myself in this game and get it all out of my system. I have nothing written or planned for the upcoming segment in the comic anyway, so taking some time to play zelda might give me some inspiration or at least a little bit of time to think it out a bit.

Thanks for reading this far into the comic btw. It really amazes me sometimes that you guys look forward to these updates. I know I say it a lot, but I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m making this comic and I really don’t deserve you guys!

See you in a couple of weeks and we’ll get started on the final segment of Super Death Face! It would be cool if I could wrap it up this year so I can start thinking about Nightmare Disaster.