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Wait wasn’t it said a clone chloud only die if the original person who got cloned killed them ?

Hm, that’s true! However, real-Nik already gave clone-Nik a pretty fatal cyborg arm-punch. Maybe as long as the original person delivers a fatal blow, someone else is allowed to “finish the clone off,” so to speak? Not entirely sure…
I’m mainly curious as to whether the spell on real-Nik will wear off once clone-Nik died, since she was he one who kissed her in the first place. I’m sure all will be revealed soon! (hopefully…)

If the spell wheres of dosent docter sexybones still have controll of the robot arm
And if the spell wheres of what happenes next whloud nik remember killing nas and biggs if so howed the fact of the 5 stages of grief work ?
Since they didn’t really die
Shed have to live with thinking she killed them

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