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Hey Brandon I just thought I’d leave a tip here in the comment section.
Try changing the angle of the camera (view of the audience or whatever you want to call it) in your panels more often. It’ll make your pages more interesting to read.
You more or less have the view in the same spot or multiple pages, and while this is a more gag comic; because you have your character going on a journey of sorts playing with angle will only make it better. It’ll help set mood, tension and showing off this neat world you made up.
For an example:In page 224 during that moment with Sexybones (love his name).
That could have had even more weight and made the joke more funny, if you changed that one middle panel to a top down view. (bird’s eye view)
The audience could have gotten the chance to see Sexybones cool evil office too.

I hear ya, man. It’s turning into a talking heads comic. I barely ever think about the angles. Something I really need to try and pay more attention to.

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