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Very good. Also why dont they make clones of some random person. Abduct that person, put them in jail indefinetly and now you have an army of indestructible people xD

That’s actually a good idea. It’s also the main problem with improvising this comic. Bringing in a new mechanic or idea always seems to breed potholes along with it. But I guess the fun of it is to fill the holes later on.

What we know so far in the comic is that Sexybones made a clone of Claire, but it wasn’t perfect. And it’s only been 1 day (in comic time) since he made his first perfect clone (of Nik.)

We also don’t fully know how the book works or how long it actually is. So Sexybones may have just recently started trying out the cloning. Or even better, maybe the directions are partially on the pages that Nas ripped out, so Sexybones had to guess at the missing steps.

Anyways, I’ll try and address some of the plot holes in-comic later on. That was originally the reason I introduced Biggs: to quickly and easily (also lazily) explain things I need to tie up.

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