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Heeeeeyyy, this is a temporary links page. As I compile my bookmarks, I’ll update this page with some links to some rad comics and people!

Here are a few places you can find me around the internet until then:





Wanna contact me? PM me on any of the sites above or shoot me a message on Skype: “nasakii”


Hey there! I’m a new fan of your work and I was wondering how you went about getting your webcomic published on a site like this. The “” website. How did you go about making a website for your webcomic? I’m interested in making my own webcomic and was wondering how you went about it. Please reply as soon as you’re able to. Thanks so much for reading!

I use dreamhost for hosting and the domain name. The site runs on wordpress which is a one-click install and the comic is displayed with a wordpress theme called “webcomic.” It’s easy to customize and takes about a day to get things the way you want it. :)

Hello Brandon! I’ve watched your videos about getting into webcomics and found it very interesting.
But I have one important question- how does someone protect his art? I mean- if you have original idea, original characters and you don’t want someone to steal em or something like that. Do you have to get copyright somehow?

If it’s intellectual property, like Danger Vision, simply put a ™ symbol next to it. That is a Trademark. If you register it with the gubment, it will cost about $600 and then you can put a ® symbol next to it. That’s called a Registered Trademark. Registered Trademarks last about ten years and hold up better in court.

If you write a story, you can simply put a © symbol with the year of creation and creator’s name. That’s called a Copyright. For example, © 2017 Brandon Blackburn. It is no longer necessary to register a copyright with the gubment.

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