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Here’s stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else that needs a permanent place to stay!


Binge read Danger Vision!

This page behaves like your Tumblr dash. As you read, you scroll. And as you scroll, more pages load!

Starts from part one’s cover and continues to the current page.



1920x1080thmbSonic 2 Style wallpaper (1920×1080)

This is the Sonic 2 style intro from the weekly timelapse vlog: “Super Death Show!





summary thmbBad Music Zombies in two pages!

Don’t have enough time to read all 130 pages of Bad Music Zombies and want to jump strait into Super Death Face? Read the first part of Danger Vision in just two pages! It’s not fool-proof, though. To understand everything going on in Super Death Face, you’ll have to actually read Bad Music Zombies. Sooooorryyyyyyy.


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